Dios Es Bueno, Jesus Daily Engage Most On Facebook

Dios Es Bueno finally sees an advancement in interactivity that leaves puts the page in second place, just behind our enduring frontrunner, Jesus Daily.

Dios Es Bueno finally sees an advancement in interactivity that leaves puts the page in second place, just behind our enduring frontrunner, Jesus Daily.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 8,930,162 3,261,314
2. Dios Es Bueno! 4,395,053 1,120,531
3. Justin Bieber 36,664,347 1,086,282
4. The Bible 8,238,846 1,052,814
5. Mario Teguh 4,890,079 844,671
6. Manchester United 19,949,926 706,617
7. ILoveAllaah.com 6,492,375 670,641
8. Enrique Iglesias 23,367,040 607,487
9. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,585,965 571,053
10. MTV Roadies 3,174,793 558,198
11. Texas Hold’em Poker 51,120,640 453,746
12. Rihanna 45,870,306 419,934
13. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud 6,472,393 418,628
14. Jesus Christ 3,121,313 408,727
15. Barack Obama 23,534,276 380,601
16. Werevertumorro 2,790,211 348,150
17. FC Barcelona 21,362,469 331,490
18. Real Madrid C.F. 20,341,449 296,786
19. Educate Yourself 1,844,140 295,187
20. I’m Proud To Be Christian 2,987,675 292,150


The unfaltering road map for Jesus Daily‘s social media presence shows no signs of change, and that consistent approach this week produce 3,261,314 interactions.

Coming in second place for the first time: Dios Es Bueno has 1,120,531 interactions this week.

Becoming comfortable in fourth, 1,052,814 responders aid in this Facebook home for The Bible‘s steady results.

Advancing one position to seventh, ILoveAllaah.com tallies 670,641 comments. Following a similar approach by combining various text, picture, and article updates, I’m a Muslim & Im Proud earns a 418,628 return that propels it to 13th place.

Pushing forward into the eighth spot, another 571,053 voices have a hand in Joyce Meyer Ministries continuing to move in a forward direction.

The main page that focuses on Jesus Christ unfortunately does not share a similar success story. The regular on the countdown loses steam and 408,727 contributions to the discussion leave it three spots back in 14th.

And landing in 20th place, I’m Proud To Be Christian sees 292,150 interactions this week.


While Justin Bieber is found a place behind in third, it is more than probable that his numbers will rise as his single is set for release today; 1,086,282 fans of the pop sensation solidify his noteworthy placement for another seven days.

Music award show talk and updates from tour leads to the welcoming of Enrique Iglesias to our countdown. Appearing in the eighth position, 607,487 interactions proves to be an impressive first showing for the popular singer.

Rihanna is now offering exclusive content on her social networking home, and a noisy 419,934 likers gives her a monstrous return in 12th place.


Mario Teguh finishes in fifth place this week, with 844,671 interactions moving him down a few places in the rankings.

Moving to India, there is quite a bit of talk about coverage for the upcoming “MTV Roadies” season coming to the U.S. With 558,198 likes and comments this week, the television show moves forward to cut the countdown in half.

A number of upcoming events and comedic updates elevate Werevertumorro to a 348,150 engagement total, for a 16th place return.

A similar return occurs in 19th, the Arabic page that most closely translates to Educate Yourself entices 295,187 social networkers to like and comment.


Much of the chatter for Manchester United continues to surround upcoming matches; a 706,617 sports talk total about this past weekend’s match against Liverpool gives the Reds a one place jump to sixth.

In the back half of the countdown, FC Barcelona‘s recent victory will likely help them rally in the coming weeks. For now, the page takes two small steps forward to 17th amassing 331,490 posters.

Real Madrid C.F. takes the biggest fall out of our engaging pages; 296,786 interactions leaves the page with a hard eight place drop to the 18th position.

For the social gamers, Texas Hold’em Poker‘s social media approach appears to be themed around the word “free.” An additional 453,746 comments and likes that mostly claim free tournaments and chips push the page six steps forward to kick off the second half of the countdown.


There is a lot of talk surrounding the upcoming campaign, and this gives President Barack Obama another 15th place end by enticing 380,601 people to engage in the political disucssion.

Readers, did you find yourself glued to any of the discussions found on this week’s most engaging pages?

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