Jesus Daily Leads Facebook In Page Engagement

December is now officially the seventh month that Jesus Daily starts in the top spot. Religion, overall, remains the leading trend, but the international pages also post solid engagement totals.

December is now officially the seventh month that Jesus Daily starts in the top spot. Religion, overall, remains the leading trend, but international pages also post solid engagement totals.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily10,498,4754,810,591
2. Dios Es Bueno4,760,7032,074,353
3. Mario Teguh5,135,8441,828,950
4. The Bible8,377,2981,233,281
5. Justin Bieber37,995,4201,100,167
6. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,693,809878,863
7. Real Madrid C.F.21,900,048799,397
8. Lady Gaga45,456,207720,850
9. ILoveAllaah.com6,619,261571,427
10. MTV Roadies3,344,184565,830
11. Manchester United20,581,289538,648
12. Jesus Christ3,278,632522,376
13. We Are Khaled Said3,278,632522,376
14. Renuevo de Plenitud2,587,165494,879
15. Terima Kasih Ibu2,876,984476,966
16. Liverpool FC7,548,477469,967
17. Korea.com1,902,221464,102
18. Metallica21,970,121413,253
19. Texas Hold’em Poker53,508,938385,078
20. Lil Wayne32,816,075362,338


With more than 4.8 million likes and comments, Jesus Daily easily maintains its ranking in first. Dios Es Bueno remains in second with over two million interactions.

Two pages remain unchanged in their social media patterns but see improvements. The Bible moves to sixth finishing with over 1.2 million likes and comments. Joyce Meyer Ministries has smaller fan base in comparison to many of the other engaging competitors, but a 878,863 engagement total demonstrates the passion of the group. ranks in ninth – improving by five places – and ends with 571,427 likes and comments. Jesus Christ also ends with an improving 522,376 interactions that places it in 12th.

Slipping one position, Renuevo de Plenitud is found in 14th with 494,879 interactions.


Engaging an audience of more than 1.8 million social networkers, Mario Teguh takes a step forward to third. “MTV Roadies” posts clips from the upcoming season and sees a one place improvement in the ranks and 565,830 interactions – a tenth place end.

After its return last week, We Are Khaled Said struggles to maintain momentum; 522,376 interactions leave the page behind in 13th. Terima Kasih Ibu sees increasing results, and 476,966 likes and comments place the page in 15th.

Making its first appearance, keeps citizens informed on news and pop culture updates; 464,102 likes and comments put the page in the 17th spot.


Still promoting his Christmas record, Justin Bieber sees a steady fifth place finish with over 1.1 million interactions. Lady Gaga‘s new video is breaking online records; this has a hand in her social networking home making a progressive jump to eighth accruing 720,850 likes and comments.

Metallica still lingers in the back end of the countdown; 413,253 interactions is a considerable decrease in engagement and places the band in 18th. Lil Wayne is heading out on a world tour and 362,338 likes and comments lead to a comeback in the final position.


Real Madrid C.F continues its lead amongst the sports teams, but loses ground after a diminishing 799,397 interactions – a seventh place week. Manchester United kicks off the second half of the countdown; 538,648 sports fans route from the team leading into to their match this past weekend. >Liverpool FC is looking solid on the field and makes a second appearance as an engaging page. Found in the 16th spot, the club hears 469,967 interactions.


We end with Texas Hold’em Poker, which witnesses 385,078 interactions as the site continues giving away free chips.

Readers, did you find yourself chatting on any of the week’s most engaging pages?

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