Facebook Emphasizes Insights To Page Admins

Do you know how to track all of the visitors and new fans to your Facebook Page? If you didn’t you aren’t alone. Up until recently, Page insights were not obvious to Page admins and as a result many were finding it difficult to keep track of who was coming to their page. Enter the new insights box which emphasizes the quality of newly published items and how many people have engaged with your page.

The feature started showing up yesterday evening and while it doesn’t appear to work perfectly (I sometimes get 0 for “Post Quality” and 0 for “Interactions This Week”), it should make Page administrators more aware of the insights product. I regularly get people reaching out to me to ask how to track users that are visiting their page as they are completely unaware of the Insights page. That’s because the link to Page insights was previously buried.

The insights are relatively useful for people looking to keep track of where their fans are coming from but unfortunately there are still no conversion metrics for Facebook Ads. I’ve written about the need to track conversions as it would boost ad spend across the site on a number of instances. Facebook has at least improved their ads to enable users to become fans when viewing an ad which has most definitely improved overall conversion rates.

Hopefully with this new emphasis on Page Insights we will begin to see more features rolled out that help users improve conversion tracking. What features would you like to see within Page Insights?