Facebook eBay Scams

There have always been scammers on eBay trying to get money from uninformed buyers. This problem will always exist in any economy. Facebook is obviously a hot topic currently and there is also a fair amount of money being made by a few individuals. Wherever there is money being made, individuals will try to find a way to exploit that. There are two auctions on eBay currently that stood out to me. One of them appears to be a complete joke. Want to get into the business of developing Facebook applications? For $10,000, the eBay user “app_creations” will sell you the Appa Nation website. Here is the auction description:

Appa Nation, a fully functional website for selling Social Network Applications. FACEBOOK has taken the world by storm when it opened up its social network to allow users to develop their own Applications and PROFIT from them! Now you can build Applications for others and tap into FACEBOOK’s over 50million members and growing. Also be the first site ready to develope Applications on all the different Social Networks when they follow in the footsteps of FACEBOOK!

Appa Nation has already been registered with all major search engines and is ready to go! Try it, do a search for Appanation on Google right now!

Aren’t able to program Applications yourself? Hire out programmers! Outsourcing low-cost programming has never been easier, whether using students, part-timers, or even outsourcing to India! Its all done virtually from the comfort of your own home. With the price of a standard Application ranging from $5,000.00 for something simple to $50,000 for a more complicated app, the site could pay for itself in a month. Then its all profit!

Hosting is not included with the site. Purchaser’s will have to host the site themselves or work with seller who will help in setting up low-cost hosting through a third party (avg fee: $30 per month).

I saw this auction and started laughing immediately. This has to be a joke! We will give you a fully functioning website for only $10,000! It sounds like an offer out of the early 90s. I surely hope that nobody bids on this auction. Another auction is offering passive income from something they programmed in about 5 minutes. They took Facebook’s sample application code and repurposed it to display an image on your profile. Real creative! Here is their application description:

Quickly and easily update the image on user’s profiles from anywhere in the world.

No Programming Skill Required.

Please note that this app is for you to set up customized for your own niche, it does not have any users.

Monetize It For Your Niche

  • The app is fully customisable to suit your niche with no programming knowledge required.
  • The app is written in easy to understand code with comments on almost every line. This is the perfect platform on which to build a far more complex app.
  • A database module can be included on request at no extra cost. This records the details of every user in your own database. It is usually left out for simplicity’s sake as Facebook records app statistics anyway.
  • The application includes an easy way to show advertising to the user once they have finished adding it to their profile. When your app is growing by 10,000 users a day this is a valuable source of income.

Easy Step-By-Step Guide
The eBooks include a comprehensive illustrated guide on how to set up your app as well as some basics of PHP programming should you wish to develop your app further. Included also is a guide to advertising your app with highly targeted Facebook Ads as well as links, leads and advice on how to sell your app’s own advertising space.

New Viral Marketing
Facebook apps are very easy to sell on and the more users who have installed your app the more the app is worth. As your users will all be interested in your niche you can offer highly targeted advertising at a premium or use your app to promote your own business.

High Resale Value
If you want to see for yourself how much Facebook apps are sold for go to the Facebook Developer’s Forum.
Many go for more than $1,000 after being online for only a few weeks!

Pick a Niche, Any Niche
Shown in the pictures here the app is customized for surfers but other niches could include horse riding, model aeroplane, figurines, travel destinations, specific pets, gardening etc…there are thousands of possibilities yet to be developed by anyone else on Facebook.

This second auction is encouraging buyers to come up with a great idea and go create it on Facebook. All you need to do is pay this seller $50 for them to tell you to do it. I’ll tell you to do it for free but if you want to pay me $100 to tell you the same thing, send me an email and I’ll give you my mailing address where you can send the check. These auctions are pretty ridiculous.