BEWARE: Easter Malware May Invade Facebook

Malware riffing on Easter is rising across the Internet, right when posts about this topic are beginning to dominate news feeds.

Easter-related posts are already hitting Facebook at a rate of about once every few seconds, and that’s just the publicly visible ones. Unfortunately, the popularity of this topic has a potential dark side: malware.

Malware riffing on Easter is on the rise across the Internet, Sophos has reported, and while the security consultancy has yet to identify an outbreak on Facebook, the potential is ripe given the prevalence of posts on the topic.

Of course, Facebook’s immune systems have reduced outbreaks of malware on the social network — surely you’ve noticed fewer signs of security problems on the site, not to mention less frequent news reports about such problems.

Users of the site are also wising up to the tell-tale signs of scams, and clicking on these posts less.Hopefully, Facebook users might exercise caution before clicking on posts promising unlimited amounts of Easter chocolates. That would help keep this year’s most prevalent form of Easter malware from wreaking havoc on the social network.

What kind of Easter posts are filling up your news feed, readers? And when was the last time you reported anything suspicious to Facebook?

Image courtesy of primatebonz via Flickr.

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