Facebook Drops Limits on Emails for Developers

One of the biggest problems with Facebook’s platform for developers is the limits placed on them. Whether it’s a limit on the number of invites they can send, a limit on the types of emails they can send users, there are many restrictions. Today one of those restrictions have been loosened and developers can “now incorporate a number of HTML tags so” they can format messages as they wish.

Included in the loosening of the restrictions is the ability to include FBML tags including fb:restricted-to and fb:name in the subjects to make emails more targeted at each individual user. The biggest news of all is that Facebook has decided to remove the limits on the number of emails sent to users, since the users are now forced to opt-in to receive them.

Those users that added the application prior to the profile shift will not be effected but all new users can be blasted with emails all day long if you wish. This is a big deal for developers as they have been rightfully complaining about the restrictions placed on them for marketing purposes. If somebody approves your application to contact them, shouldn’t you be able to email them as much as you’d like?

Well it appears that developers were not the only ones thinking that and now they can send as many emails as they wish. Check out James Leszczenski’s post for more details!