Facebook Driving More Users To Make Facebook.com Their Homepage

While Facebook has already tested other ways of getting users to set their homepage to Facebook.com, the company is now testing one other subtle way to push users in this direction. Now when some users are logging in to the site they are seeing a checkbox which prompts them to set Facebook.com to their default homepage (as pictured below).

While it’s not a massive change, it could help Facebook drive more traffic to the site. We’ve suggested in the past that these subtle adjustments help Facebook increase their traffic and this attention to detailed optimization is what differentiates Facebook from competitors. For a large percentage of Facebook users, Facebook.com is already the first site that they load when they wake up in the morning, however driving users to make it their homepage will ensure this behavior continues.

Is Facebook the first site that you load when you wake up in the morning?

Thanks to Nathan Ronchetti of Carolyn Grisko & Associates.

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