Facebook Officially Surpasses MySpace's Domestic Traffic

While we’ve been saying that Facebook surpassed MySpace in domestic traffic for some time now, today it finally became Techcrunch certified thanks to new comScore numbers which came out today. The company continues to grow by leaps and bounds and has most likely surpassed 250 million users by now. Alexa continues to show the company growing at a tremendous pace, beyond levels that any social platform has previously accomplished.

Just this morning Hitwise published data that suggested Facebook accounted for 43.32 percent of all U.K. internet traffic, dominating the previously successful Bebo social network. It’s hard to be critical of Facebook given their ongoing growth. Erick Schonfeld is also acknowledging the substantial amount of buzz around the company, “Practically everyone is talking about the company once again, from blogs to the mainstream media.”

We’ve been talking about the company for over two years practically every day but then again that’s just what we do here. MySpace has been innovating on their product offering but unfortunately it hasn’t helped the site gain back traction. The buzz is back for Facebook and this weekend’s username offering helped a lot but now they need to follow-up with some product offerings that will help users take advantage of the username feature (such as comment tagging or mobile integration).

One steadily growing thorn in Facebook’s side is Twitter which still continues to obtain tons of media attention especially after this weekend’s Iran #cnnfail fiasco. Still though, Facebook continues to grow despite the growing thorn and in terms of absolute users Facebook is growing at rates unseen by any other social networks. It’s impressive to see the growth continuing and with some 56 languages being supported and Swahili being added today, there’s no stopping the ongoing growth.