Facebook Developers Angered By Post App Removal Reviews

A couple days ago Facebook launched a post application removal review box which does exactly that: let’s users review applications after they have removed it from their account. The purpose of the box, according to Facebook is to get “more information from users”. Developers are complaining though as they have witnessed a surge in negative reviews since this new review box was added.
For some developers the impact has been significant. One developer for instance has a perfect review record “with 70 reviews, but just got 5 new negative reviews” all in one day. The developers are understandably frustrated as many of them have put in substantial effort to get good reviews. The reviews are one of the primary indicators that determine invite allocations on the platform which is why the developers monitor this metric so closely.

So what should Facebook do? While Matt Trainer of Facebook said that the company is “working on a number of ways to boost reviews visibility and placement”, the latest addition happens to skew negatively. Matt says developers shouldn’t be overly frustrated though as there will be more integration points which “include points of contact that will most likely skew positively in sampling.”
What those new integration points are and when they will be implemented have not been specified but one developer suggested the creation of a new FBML tag “that developers can put anywhere in their application that” generates a review dialog. This would make sense because developers can get application fans to review the application in order to counter the negative reviews generated via the post application removal dialog box.
Based on the responses posted by Facebook in the developer forum, it doesn’t sound as though Facebook will be removing this new dialog box anytime soon. Developers hope that new tools are created soon so that they can increase the number of reviews from fans to counter all the negative reviews. Have you seen the new dialog box? Are you frustrated by this new addition?