Facebook for Desktop Removes Messages, Adds Messenger Interface?

Facebook appears to have replaced the messaging interface for desktop with its Messenger interface.

Facebook appears to have replaced the messaging interface for desktop with its Messenger interface.

The social network rolled out a web version of Messenger in April 2015, via Messenger.com, saying at the time that it had no plans to remove messaging functions from its website.

Its flagship mobile applications were a different story, as reports first surfaced in April 2014 that Facebook would remove messaging capabilities from its iOS and Android apps, forcing users to download Messenger. The social network began officially informing users of this change in July of that year.

Many Facebook users balked at that change, and speculation ran amok that the Messenger app was accessing users’ phones’ cameras and microphones without permission, leading director of product management Peter Martinazzi to pen a “Get the Facts About Messenger” post in August 2014.

The Messenger interface has apparently come to Facebook’s website, as many users (including this writer) began seeing Messenger icons in places of messaging in the right-hand-side menu and the menu bar atop the site.

FBDesktopMessengerIconSidebar FBDesktopMessengerIconMenuBar

Clicking the Messenger icon on the right-hand-side menu brings up an interface similar to that of Messenger.com.


Facebook had not yet responded to a request for comment at the time of this post.

Readers: Are you seeing the Messenger interface in Facebook for desktop? What are your thoughts?

Thank you to reader Matteo Gamba for the tip.

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