Facebook Has Over 4 Million Daily Mobile Users

Last week while at Davos, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that the company currently has over 25 million people accessing the site via their mobile devices on a monthly basis. As of today, the company has over 4 million daily active users just between their top 3 mobile applications. According to our Facebook application statistics, Facebook for iPhone has approximately 1.64 million daily active users, Facebook for Blackberry has approximately 1.56 million daily active users, and the general mobile application has just under 1 million daily active users.

This doesn’t include all the users on Palm applications as well as general mobile users which are not technically required to add the mobile application to visit the site, which means there could easily be more than a million other daily mobile users. Additionally, Facebook has an iPhone compatible application which does not require any download by users. Not surprisingly, the Facebook mobile applications are currently the two most popular Facebook applications on the platform based on daily active users.

Mobile is poised to be the largest growth area for most social networks over the next few years as more users turn to their mobile devices for interactive content. It’s an explosive area which is highlighted by the Apple iPhone’s wild success. Developers have rushed to emerging mobile platforms to grab a piece of the mobile application landscape.

Given that mobile phones are inherently social devices, success on mobile platforms are similar to social platforms. This is why we’ve seen rapid growth from social games and other entertainment applications. Mobile applications are still a nascent industry yet developers continue to flock in droves as there has been a built in revenue model since the iPhone platform launched last summer.

Facebook continues to command a dominant share among mobile social networks and that share is growing on a daily basis. My guess is that much of our social activities will continue to shift toward mobile devices as it’s a natural extension of our existing communication activities. Are you a Facebook mobile user? Do you access the site more frequently from your mobile device or from your computer?

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