Facebook Currently Testing Profile Search Without Filters

When Facebook killed their advanced search functionality last year, a minor uprising ensued just as happened before with many changes to the site. Now Facebook is taking things a step further and testing out a new version of search which doesn’t include any filters at all. That means you will be forced to remember every person’s name and not filter through people on the site based on various attributes.

The new form of search that has no filters is still in testing so there’s no guarantee that this will stay, however one user we spoke to has seen his search filters disappear for the past month. Facebook has confirmed with us that this is indeed a test, however there’s no indication as to whether or not this is a test that will be eventually pushed out to all users.

Personally, I’m a big fan of having search filters for finding new people, however Facebook has continued to move in a direction in which filters are excessive. Yes, ideally if I searched for a person, the first person I was looking for would show up top, however under the current search this doesn’t always happen. Do you think having search filters is necessary? Or does it make sense for Facebook to slowly phase out this feature?

Thanks to Jarrett Streebin for the tip!

No Search Filters Screenshot