Who's Really Slaying The Free Facebook Credits Scams

We just deleted a message about free Credits that showed on AllFacebook's page on Facebook today.

Scams promising free Facebook Credits still exist, but they’re withering on the vine.

We just deleted a message about free Credits that showed on AllFacebook’s page on Facebook today; after copying the text of the offer, we deleted it and did some keyword searching.

It looks like Facebook users have learned to recognize that promises of free Facebook Credits contain malware or spam — fewer people click on these posts, which helps slow down their spread as much as the social network’s own defense systems do.

People have gotten the message that there’s really no such thing as free Facebook Credits — either you earn them in a game as a bonus (or earn them through an incentive program), you purchase them, or someone you already know gives you a gift.

Here’s how we know this: the posts going up on the site about Credits are sparse, yet the web addresses in these postings don’t trigger Facebook’s systems for blocking malicious URLs. We clicked through to three different sites with the usual malware marketing surveys.

We’re not saying the social network’s systems are weak in any way, but rather that users have gotten smarter. They know not to click, and that keeps the scams from spreading.

Readers, when was the last time you saw a free Facebook Credits offer show up in your news feed?