Facebook Connect Usage Nears 1 Million Users

Back in December I wrote that Facebook Connect had surpassed 100,000 users according to our statistics at the time. Our latest numbers suggest that Facebook Connect now has close to 1 million users. Currently we only have a sampling of applications that have Facebook Connect installed. According to Facebook, over 6,000 developers have leveraged Facebook Connect.

We are currently tracking some of the largest applications and will be adding more over the coming days via our Facebook Connect directory. With the launch of Facebook’s new commenting widget, there are most definitely thousands of new people implementing Facebook Connect and currently we don’t have an effective way of tracking those applications.

Given that most large implementations pop up on our radar, we still have a large sampling size. I’d also assume that most of the smaller sites have communities less than 200 users. If you have a large implementation of Facebook Connect on your site, please make sure to submit it to our Facebook Connect directory. Over the past couple weeks Facebook has also been making a much greater push to get new Connect users through large media partnerships.

Just yesterday we saw a large implementation of Facebook Connect for the Oscars and tomorrow there will be a repeat Facebook partnership for CNN’s Presidential Address online coverage. Nana 10, an Israeli television station, implemented Facebook Connect for their Presidential election coverage, and now they will be using it with their live stream of the television show, Survivor.

Last week Fast Company announced that they had launched support for Facebook Connect and over the next few months I would expect many more new Connect-enabled sites to launch. We are still extremely early with the data portability movement but Facebook appears to be leading the charge. Google Friend Connect has a wide reach but we haven’t seen any public partnership announcements.

MySpace ID, the service which was supposed to compete with Facebook Connect, hasn’t seen much traction at all. Honestly, I haven’t seen a single site implement the MySpace ID service aside from Techcrunch which launched a demo of it but nothing else. So what was the driver behind the growth in Facebook Connect?

Well, one of the largest drivers behind Facebook Connect adoption was Apple iPhoto which has attracted half a million users. The CNN inauguration coverage also drove a large number of new users but we don’t have statistics as to the exact number since all we know is how many status updates there were, not the unique number of users posting to the site.

Interestingly, most connect implementations do not have a tremendous number of users. The average larger implementations of Facebook Connect have around 2,500 to 8,000 users according to our stats. This isn’t to say that there aren’t large implementations but there are only a few applications with tens of thousands and iPhoto is the only application with hundreds of thousands of users.

Have you implemented Facebook Connect on your site? Has Facebook’s comment widget made it easier for you to implement Facebook Connect?

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