Facebook Connect to Launch November 30

According to Mike Arrington Facebook Connect will be launching on November 30th. Facebook started rallying developers and partners around Connect just before f8 began earlier this year. There have been a number of sites already to release the service but as Arrington points out, most of them still haven’t rolled out any integration.

One other interesting tidbit that Arrington had was that Facebook will be launching a new feature called FriendLink. FriendLink enables users to pass an email address to Facebook and get back friend recommendations. This sounds interesting but I’m also wondering if Facebook will take this opportunity to promote to unregistered email addresses.

Right now there is very little information as to how this feature will be implemented but the more features that Facebook extracts for anybody to use the better. For those developers waiting to launch Facebook Connect enabled services, this is a pretty exciting time as there is one month left until launch. Will we see a timeframe push back now that an “official” date has been leaked?

We’ll have to wait and see!