Facebook Connect Used With Prototype Game Trailer To Integrate Profile Data

This has to be one of the best implementations of Facebook Connect that I’ve seen to date. Prototype, a soon to be released game on the XBox 360, uses Facebook Connect and the recently released Facebook Connect flash library to integrate profile data directly into the trailer. I’ve seen a number of interesting Facebook Connect implementations but this has to be the best one so far. I’ve taken the liberty of making a screen recording of the game trailer with my profile data integrated.

The website looks at your basic profile information including your work history as well as profile photos and then displays that information directly in the trailer. The site also has a slick way of blocking out your friends’ faces as if erasing them from memory. While I have absolutely no idea what the game is about, this website has done an amazing job at grabbing my attention as well as simply developing something that’s insanely creative.

After seeing this game trailer I would only expect future movies and games to develop similar trailers. This trailer also makes me think of numerous other creative implementations of Facebook Connect. For example, imagine if attendees of a movie would register when purchasing their tickets and then were randomly selected to be integrated into a movie. For example, a movie scene in which a group of cops are standing around analyzing the photos of a mob organization.

Suddenly one of the photos shows a picture of one of the audience members. Not only would that spook out the audience member but it would also make it a much more memorable experience for their friends. Granted, taking Facebook Connect and integrating it with physical experiences has still not been done but we are rapidly moving in that direction. Check out the video below of the Prototype game trailer and go create your own customized trailer.