Facebook Confirms On Homepage: Will Never Charge Users

While we’ve confirmed on multiple instances that Facebook is not charging and never will, the company has posted the same information on the site’s homepage. Now when you register for the site, or login, there’s a good chance that you’ll see the new message which states “Sign Up, It’s free (and always will be)”. The company is hoping that this will dispel all the rumors that continue to emerge that the company will soon begin charging.

There are tons of users that still appear to believe that Facebook may possibly charge. It will be interesting to see if this new step by Facebook will once and for all kill the rumor that Facebook is charging for the site. Despite previous attempts to squash the urban myth, new groups and events regularly sprouted up which suggested that the site was charging. I’ve even had numerous people ask me on various occasions whether or not the company plans on charging for the site.
For those that are still unaware of Facebook’s business: the company generates the vast majority of their revenue from advertising on the site. The company is not at risk of running out of money and is most likely profitable by now.