Facebook Chat Launch Appears Imminent

It appears that Facebook’s chat application may be launching very soon. Facebook has been making a significant number of JavaScript updates throughout the day. Facebook has also added a presence cookie which appears to store information about your related to chat and where you are located on the site. The real change which has sparked our intrigue is that Facebook now has a continuous TCP connection with all logged in users.

This is only necessary for those applications that are looking to push data back to the user beyond the typical loading of a webpage. A number of these changes have gone live and it signified that one: Facebook is updating their Javascript and two: the chat launch appears to be imminent.

I’m excited to see Facebook’s new chat application and whether or not it goes live tonight, it will definitely be a great addition to the site. Conversely, I’m sure it will piss off a number of developers that currently provide chat solutions for Facebook users. Will you be spending even more time once the chat feature is launched? Thanks to Eric Kerr for the heads up.

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