Facebook Causes Rallies Help For Japan's Tsunami

Help Causes reach its $50,000 fundraising goal for victims and survivors of Japan's earthquake and tsunami.

Facebook Causes has so far helped raise $31,130 for Japan’s earthquake and tsumani, donated by 897 people aided by 2,929 promoters.

Friday morning, the Causes page began asking people on Facebook to contribute to the Red Cross or Save the Children to help victims and survivors, stating a fundraising goal of $50,000.

To help motivate people, Causes posts donors’ names and contributions on Facebook and the organization’s webpage, although people can for anonymous listings.

People on Facebook continue to post about the aftermath of Japan’s earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that spread across the Pacific Ocean, although the rate of postings appears to have slowed to about one per second — down from from peak rates of dozens per second on Friday.

Postings express condolences and prayers, along with news about friends and relatives in Japan. t Facebook also served as a powerful tool to keep relatives or friend living outside of Japan in touch with people who lived or were visiting the country and making sure they were safe.

A video on the Causes page discusses the fundraising effort, and we’ve embedded a copy below. Readers, have you donated or do you have any plans to?