Facebook Campaign Will Donate Service Dogs to Returning Soldiers

Until the 4th of July, Explore.org will be donating a service dog to a U.S. veteran suffering from PTSD for every 5,000 “likes” the organization receives on its Facebook page.

The effort is part of the “Dog Bless U.S.A.” initiative, which launched on Memorial Day. Explore.org is a multimedia organization that spotlights the good works of people around the world.

Organized in partnership with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, the campaign has the dual goal of helping soldiers in need and raising awareness about the therapeutic benefits of service animals. The effort will pair up to 100 dogs with returning servicemen and invites those with stories to tell to participate. No donations are necessary.

“We want to raise awareness about the amazing role dogs can play in the lives of veterans and people who suffer from emotional and psychological damage- while giving everyone a chance to participate through a zero-cost contribution,” said Charles Annenberg Weingarten, filmmaker and founder of Explore.org.

Over the weekend The New York Times published the final story in its series tracing the year-long deployment of the First  Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment in Afghanistan. The article touches on some of the obstacles and readjustments soldiers face as they return to the U.S. You can read that article here.