Friend Other Facebook Users On The Spot By Bumping Phones

Bump technologies created quite a stir after launch a phone application which enabled you to exchange contact information with others by bumping your phones together. Today the company is announcing that they’ve upgraded their product to let you bump to become Facebook friends instantaneously. No more saying “I’ll friend you on Facebook” when you meet someone. No you can just do it on the spot!

While Facebook’s native iPhone application enables you to friend others, being able to “bump-to-friend” is extremely useful. The company has also told us that in the near future you will be able to connect on LinkedIn, follow someone on Twitter, and friend on them on Facebook all in a single bump. While there are numerous other contact exchange solutions, bump provides the easiest solution for instantly connecting on the spot.

Rather than having to go through the process of exchanging information, friending on Facebook, following on Twitter, and more, you can do it all right on the spot in seconds. The only awkward situation I could see arising from this is when you feel guilty for not approving a friend request from someone you are talking to there.

Also, for power users who take advantage of friend lists, you’ll have to assign the user to a friend list once you get home. Ultimately that’s not too complicated as you can view your recently added friends once you get home and assign them to friend lists. Best of all, bump is not just limited to the iPhone. You can exchange contact information across platforms, however the Facebook Connect functionality is currently limited to the iPhone.

If you are an iPhone user, you can download the latest version of Bump and start connecting while on the go.