Facebook Blocks Malicious Links Via Web Of Trust

Facebook has announced three different security improvements today, and we're covering each one separately.

Facebook has announced three different security improvements today, and we’re covering each one separately.

The social network has partnered with Web of Trust in order to filter out postings of insecure URLs — which we had up until today continued to see within posts by rogue applications and scamware on Facebook.

Like WOT says on its own blog today:

After nearly a year of meeting, talking about and testing WOT data, Facebook has integrated WOT’s community-powered reputation ratings into their security system to provide extra protection for their 500 million plus users.

WOT rates the security ratings of web addresses, offering four interrelated evaluations that come from individual users:

  • Trustworthiness: This metric seems to include the other four, telling you whether or not to trust a site. Is it safe to use and does it deliver what it promises?
  • Vendor reliability: This tells you whether a site is safe enough to buy and sell on.
  • Privacy: This indicates whether and to what extent a site keeps your information confidential.
  • Child safety: This says whether a site includes material that is only suitable for adults.

The partnership with WOT, combined with login approvals and social verification, together work to stop security problems in their tracks — or at least do so until the hacker community figures out how to get through, as has been the historical pattern ever since the McAffee vans started driving around Silicon Valley several decades ago.

Readers, what do you think about today’s trio of security announcements?