Blinq CEO Extols Facebook Marketing Program

Blinq Chief Executive Officer Dave Williams spoke with us via email about the company's participation in Facebook's preferred marketing developer program.

Blinq Chief Executive Officer Dave Williams spoke with us via email about the company’s participation in Facebook’s preferred marketing developer program.

So which of the four areas of expertise does Blinq have badges in? Which is the strongest offering for the company?

Blinq was one of three U.S.-based companies to be awarded badges for both Facebook ad management tools and insights. Blinq’s foundation has been in the ad management space, but we have recently focused on integrating new innovative tools and capabilities related to insights for planning and analytics.

At this point in the API program, we feel that ad management tools are becoming a commodity. Blinq differentiates itself in the marketplace for agencies by developing innovative advertising planning and analytics systems. We believe this is the future of the ad platform and best-of-breed ad-management companies.

What was the process that Blinq went through to get the PMD badges?

Blinq has been working closely with Facebook from the beginning, and was part of the small group of Facebook’s first ads API partners, so they’ve gotten to know us fairly well. For these specific badges, we went through a technology review and approval process by Facebook’s ad API team.

Acceptance hinges on a company’s ability to demonstrate unique capability beyond native tools, which entails fully supporting core API functionaity. And of course Facebook reviews each partner every quarter to ensure that all continue to demonstrate high standards.

How does the PMD change the way Blinq will do business?

The new program really has no impact on the way that Blinq itself does business, but it helps create greater clarity for our partners, clients and prospects around true API vendor capabilities.

Before the PMD badges were awarded, many API vendors were claiming capabilities that they did not have, which created confusion in the marketplace. We think these new designations will help cut through the clutter in the market.

How does Blinq differ from the other companies that have similar PMD badges?

The only other two U.S.-based companies that earned badges for both ad management and insights are Adobe and GraphEffect. The biggest point of differentiation between Blinq and these two other companies is our one-of-a-kind planning tool, LiFT, which helps us identify scalable and often surprising interest targets before launching a campaign.

This new technology produces 30 to 70 percent performance improvements over fully optimized campaigns, on average, and provides tremendous brand insights.

It uses Facebook as the world’s largest focus group. Our agency and brand partners absolutely love this capability, and they tell us it’s the first time they’ve seen anything like it.

What else would you like to tell our readers about Blinq?

We’ve been in development with the Facebook ads API since its inception back in mid-2009, and we’re honored to receive this recognition for our focus on the integration of social engagement ads and analytics in one platform that can sit independently on top of any page-management or application-development platform.

Our team looks forward to continuing to support and innovate within the social engagement advertising ecosystem, providing marketers with powerful new way to reach, engage and analyze social network audiences.

We appreciate this confirmation of Blinq’s continued innovation and leadership in the fields of ad management tools — as exemplified by the Blinq ad management platform.

The integrated platform fully automates complex campaign planning, management, optimization and insight. The comprehensive ad management platform integrates the ads API along with insights API to deliver value to the world’s leading agencies and brands.

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