To Celebrate 6 Years, Facebook Announces 400 Million Users And Releases New Products

As part of Facebook’s 6-year birthday celebration, the company has announced the crossing of the 400 million active user milestone this week, and that they will be releasing new products for users this evening. What those products are have not yet been clarified but with a new homepage being rolled out to users over the past few hours, we can speculate that the homepage may be part of the new product launches.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, wrote in a blog post this evening:

So to celebrate six years of Facebook and the 400 million people on the service, we’re doing what we like doing most – building and launching products for people. Tonight we’ll host a celebration at Facebook headquarters, and we’ll release a handful of new things that will improve people’s Facebook experience, including a couple that people have requested a lot. We’ll post more details to our blog in a few hours.

That means you’ll have to sit at your computers in anticipation of the new product launches, or just check back in the morning if you are on the east coast!

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