Facebook Becomes More Popular Than BBC in UK

Today comScore released a new report that shows Facebook, for the first time ever, surpassing the BBC in terms of popularity in the United Kingdom. While finance and politics were the biggest category gainers for the month, Facebook was one of two sites to move up the leaderboard in the top 10 web properties. This is a big announcement suggesting that yes, news about your friends matters more than news about the world.

What else does this mean for the company? Not much aside from the fact that the site continues to gain global momentum. On a population density basis, Facebook has one of the largest reaches in the United Kingdom, reaching almost one-third of the country’s 60 million plus population. Compare that to the United States where the site attracts less than 14 percent of the population.

Regardless of Facebook’s reach on a population density basis, the site continues to grow rapidly. With over 110 million registered users globally, there are few signs of slowing in the near future. Perhaps the data will be different when October data begins to roll out but for now the company continues to experience tremendous growth.

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