Facebook Attracts 1 Million Mobile Status Comments in 24 Hours

Wayne Change of Facebook posted a blog post this afternoon about the results of adding the ability to comment on friends’ status updates. According to the post, the company received “nearly a million status comment in the first 24 hours.” That’s pretty impressive but what’s more interesting is the notable increase in user comments on status updates.

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that friends have increasingly commented on my status updates. Well Facebook has said that this has been an overall trend and mobile access has been key to this growth. The site’s new design can also be attributed to this increase in comment traffic. While there are other social networks with more mobile members, Facebook is rapidly on track to become the largest mobile social network.

Facebook’s Blackberry application has over 1.8 million installations and their iPhone application is one of the most popular in the iTunes app store. As the site continues to expand globally, their mobile presence expands as well and it becomes an increasingly integral component of Facebook’s success.

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