Facebook Shuts Down Service That Automatically Deletes Facebook Accounts

If you’re looking to delete your Facebook account, you are better off using Facebook’s account deletion form than Seppukoo which has now been blocked from Facebook. That’s why the Seppukoo website now has a tutorial on how to manually delete your account posted on their homepage (which we’ve embedded below). Not only has Seppukoo been blocked but they were also sent a Cease and Desist from Facebook’s D.C.-based law firm: Perkins Coie.

At this point there’s little reason for Facebook to continue with litigation as the company has been effectively blocked from accessing Facebook. The site had enabled users to commit “virtual suicide” by killing their Facebook account for them. Rather than simply following the steps to disabling their Facebook account, users could watch Seppukoo delete all comments they’ve ever posted and delete each friend one at a time.

It was a cool concept but it’s clear why Facebook wouldn’t want people using the product. Earlier this year Facebook killed off Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice application, which encouraged users to delete some of their friendships in exchange for a free whopper. The reason was that the application violated Facebook’s terms of service. Hundreds of thousands of users had used the application before it was shut down and it continued to receive tons of press after being disabled.

While Seppukoo was ultimately committing their own virtual suicide when they first launched this service, the site has garnered a lot of attention since Facebook shut them down. While Dr. Jack Kevorkian may support the concept of assisted digital suicide, creating products which automate the process is not the best long-term business plan.