Facebook App Zapper

Tired of all your annoying, clutter-mongering Facebook apps? I’m not. But then again, I have style and taste and moderation in the application of applications to my profile. At least, that’s what Justin tells me when we’re doing app research.

Anyway, if you get in too deep and want to go cold app turkey, or if you’re the only urbane, sensible individual in your group of barbarian Myspace-wannabe friends, we have just the thing: the Face Off Firefox Extension, by Stuart Robertson. The extension apparently uses some CSS trickery to hide all non-Facebook app boxes on a given profile page. Importantly, it allows you to do this for anyone’s page, not just your own! Finally, you can regain the old simplicity of the pre-Platform-era Facebook (if you’re into that, you Luddite).

Of course, it doesn’t disable notifications or news feed items from these apps. That seems like a much harder problem.

Still, I think this is a great way for people who whine about the Platform to get what they want while leaving the rest of us to go crazy for apps. It seems like a perfect solution; but then again, it does take a modicum of control away from the Facebook profile and put it into the hands of the profile viewer. Will Facebook care if 3rd-party apps disappear from view like this? Probably not. But what if someone makes a Firefox extension to zap, say, ads? Or Facebook’s own widgets? I suppose there’s nothing they can do about it, is there?