Jonathan Lipps

Facebook App Devs Get Javascript

It has been an oft-lamented fact of the Facebook Platform thus far in its life that, in order to use all but the most simple of Javascript functionality–the cornerstone of […]

How To: Local Facebook App Development

Introduction Developing any computer application is a process that will inevitably involve many mistakes, bugs, and other trials. Indeed, half of writing an application is just testing the code to […]

Facebook App Developers Get Google Analytics!

Facebook made some updates to their platform late last night, including two changes of significance for developers. First, they updated the developers’ application list with an attribute they are calling […]

A Localized Facebook: Further Benefits of the App Platform

We got word recently that Nestoria (a housing search tool) released a Facebook app designed exclusively for Spanish speakers. The app itself (there’s an English-language UK version as well) seems […]

50 Newest Underground Apps

Here’s the 50 most-recently-added apps in what we’re calling the “Underground App Directory”. This directory is so unfiltered you’ll notice it even contains the occasional test application, which a developer […]

Facebook App Zapper

Tired of all your annoying, clutter-mongering Facebook apps? I’m not. But then again, I have style and taste and moderation in the application of applications to my profile. At least, […]

Music Tracker Face(book)-off

Music is a big, defining category for the Facebook generation, and so it’s no surprise that there are more than enough apps that allow users to show off what they’re […]

Anger Unmanagement, Facebook Style

In the “This App May or May Not Spawn an Anti-Facespace Vigilante Mob” category, we have the random app Fighters’ Club (replete with appropriately-placed possessive apostrophe). Basically, Fighters’ Club is […]

FaceSpace: Users Fight Back?

While the majority of the world basically loves the Facebook app platform, whether due to hype-blinding or no, a growing number of users (perhaps necessitated simply statistically) are disgruntled. At […]

Free Gifts one-ups Facebook using their own platform

People have speculated that Facebook may have shot themselves in the foot by allowing third-party developers to create virtually any kind of application to run inside their site. While most […]