Facebook Announces Upcoming Changes In Response To User Feedback

Users have been in a tizzy over the latest Facebook updates that were rolled out two weeks ago. Since then Facebook has been listening to the feedback and this evening they announced some changes that will be coming in the future days and weeks ahead. While there is no doubt that there are substantial changes ahead, Facebook has highlighted the top changes that they will be making.

Live Stream

When Facebook announced the new design a couple weeks ago, they suggested that there would be a “real-time feed” and many users expected that to mean that the feed would be streaming without being forced to refresh the page. Users will now have the option to stream the the content in real-time similar to the way that the previous “live feed” was displayed.

Photo Tags

As a couple commenters articulated in my article earlier today about granular feed filters, there was plenty of content which was not displaying in the primary feed. Stories related to friends that were tagged in photos will now show up in the primary feed.

Granular Feed Filters

I wrote about the concept of granular feed filters only hours ago and it appears that Facebook will be implementing some of these filters which includes the ability to filter out specific application content. Don’t want to hear about your friend who just took a quiz about which Sex in the City character they are? No worries, you won’t have to hear about that anymore.

Improved Highlights Feature

One other thing that many commenters have been saying is that the “Highlights” area of the feed is not extremely useful. According to Facebook, that feature will be adjusted to “show you more content throughout the day to mirror more closely the content that the earlier News Feed provided.”

Greater Request Prominence

One of the final changes that users can expect to see in the near future is greater prominence of friend and event requests, which will now display in the right hand column, where they were before. Right now requests are grouped into two segments at the top of the feed but many users have been complaining about them.


It’s clear that Facebook rolled out the new design as quick as possible to handle the competition from Twitter. The result was a large backlash from users but Facebook will not move back to the old design. Instead, they will push forward to add features that make the new design more usable for the users. The changes announced this evening are a small segment of more changes that will come in the next weeks and months.

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