Facebook Ads Get 20 Times More Clicks In Context

Put Facebook ads in the right context and your audience will get the intended message, says guest writer Andy Scott, executive vice president of business development and sales at 140 Proof.

Media, marketing and context are old friends. It is not enough to merely reach the target user on Facebook. Put ads in the right context and an audience will get the intended message.

If you try to engage a consumer in anything on the way from alarm clock to coffee, it’s not going to work. Advertising while they play with their kids, go on a date with their spouse, or chill out with the Kindle is not going to work either because there is no context for engaging the marketing message.

However, if you can engage that same consumer in a context where they are primed to learn, engage and maybe even share with their friends, that is powerful opportunity, and it’s possible right now within the social stream.

Consumers flock to social platforms like Facebook because of the stream: the torrent of updates and information coming from their personally curated world.

People want content and updates related to their passions, friends, family, geography, and professional network. They actively look for the new, cool and relevant. Serving a custom-targeted ad at the moment someone is looking to consume content is the best possible context.

The updates within the stream are short — Twitter has its well-known 140-character limit,

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