Adobe Beefs Up Its Facebook Marketing Software

Adobe is upgrading its tools for publishing, engagement, analytics, and marketing via Facebook.

Adobe is upgrading its Facebook marketing software in a big way.

Adobe Social, available in late 2012, incorporates technology from Context Optional and Efficient Frontier.

Adobe acquired Facebook advertising-management platform Efficient Frontier in November. Six months earlier, Efficient Frontier had acquired Facebook page-management platform Context Optional.

The new offering from Adobe positions the vendor to compete with the likes of Buddy Media and Involver, allowing digital marketers to:

  • Cross-post to Facebook and other social networks.
  • Automate targeting and personalization of content across social applications and platforms.
  • Integrate the creation of sponsored stories within the publishing work flow.
  • Import analytics data from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, blogs, and other social platforms.
  • Identify and engage fans with the most influence upon others.
  • Monitor sentiment and receive alerts on relevant trends.
  • Create contests and forms with rich design and programming capabilities.
  • Measure how social media interactions affect purchase behavior.

Adobe Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Marketing Business Brad Rencher said:

The sheer scale of word-of-mouth that can be accomplished on social media can become a powerful boost or tragic descent for any company and is best managed if a company’s social marketers are in lock-step.

Adobe Social brings to social marketing the control and accountability expected across other digital channels. The ultimate aim is to help social media as a marketing channel mature and prove its worth alongside other digital marketing investments.

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