Facebook Adds Status Source, the Secret Feature for Developers?

Over the weekend Facebook has appeared to add a small feature which states the source of users’ status updates. While the status source does not currently show up within the news feed it does appear within user profiles. For those of you that have been annoyed by the frequent status updates by some users (myself included), you can now view where those are coming from.

Personally, I tend to use Twitter to update the majority of my statuses but many users tend to prefer Facebook to update their information. I’ve also noticed that a few users are turned off by viewing all of the status updates being posted. Is this change perhaps a sign of things to come? What if I had the potential to filter out Twitter updates from my friends or all statuses from specific applications?

It would be a great feature but don’t look for Facebook to let people start filtering that out anytime soon. The source of status updates actually helps out developers drive users to their applications. That is as long as it works. Some developers I have spoken to expressed difficulties in updating user statuses from within their applications.

Statuses are one of the key features of Facebook and enabling developers to further integrate their applications directly into statuses increases the application’s promotion capability. Is this the new feature that Facebook has been talking about? We’re not sure but given that the status directly links to the application that updated it definitely sounds like a great addition to me.

Do you think viewing status sources is important or do you think this is irrelevant? What do you think the impact on developers will be?