Facebook Adds Granularity To Sharing Options

Last week Facebook quietly introduced a new feature that refines sharing within the social network and on external websites.

Last week, Facebook quietly introduced a new addition to sharing within Facebook and on external websites.

The feature enables users to select between posting items on their wall, on a friend’s wall, in a group, and in a private message.

This subtle enhancement highlights Facebook’s focus on enabling users to generate conversation around any type of content. This falls in line with the recent addition of the send button that lets users directly message content to their friends.

The more that Facebook serves as the center of conversation among its users, the more that the users will use the product.

While not it hasn’t been out long enough to gain as much popularity as like button enjoys, the send button has found increasing traction, with Facebook reporting that the product has already seen integration with over 25,000 sites.

The send button appears to be more of a replacement of “Email this to a friend” functionality found on content sites across the web. While not a dramatic overhaul of Facebook sharing, the granular sharing options make it clear that Facebook would like to be the platform for sharing across the web.

Thanks to Lenny Gomes from NAV-TV for the tip!