First Third-Party Facebook Ad Manager Launches Using Facebook Ads API

Back in July we first wrote about the impending launch of the Facebook Ads API and today marks the launch of the first ad manager built on top of the Facebook Ads API. Alchemy, which has received just under $500,000 worth of initial funding from the TechLightnment team, is a proprietary tool for planning and buying social advertising. The initial campaigns have seen anywhere from 500 to 1,000 percent increases in click-through-rates according to the company.

TechLightenment is not exactly new to the social marketing scene. The company launched soon after the Facebook platform launched, developing custom applications for brands including the Bob Dylan application which garnered a lot of attention. The new Alchemy tool enables advertisers to create hundreds of ads for individual campaigns to run tests to determine the effectiveness of various images and copy combinations.

While I’d expect other companies to launch their own Facebook ad managers, this is the first one we’ve heard about. The company has told us that they are looking to accomplish performance at scale, which means running hundreds of ads to dramatically increase campaign performance. Want to get started with Alchemy? You’ll need an initial media spend of at least $16,000 to start working with TechLightenment.

I’d assume that we’ll see similar requirements as other third-party ad managers launch over the coming months. Scaling Facebook ad campaigns require a lot of testing and a significant budget, however investing in larger campaigns can produce better results. We’ve heard that many large affiliates are investing tens of thousands of dollars a day on Facebook Ads, making it necessary to have more robust ad manager tools.

Alchemy has already been used by companies like Samsung, GlaxoSmithKline, and Nissan. While I’m sure a number of other agencies will begin offering similar services, this is the most robust implementation of the Facebook Ads API that we’ve heard about to date. If you are looking for a robust Facebook Ads manager service, you can check out the Alchemy website for more information.

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