Yes, Your Facebook Account Has Been Cancelled

Everyday I get at least 10 emails from people saying that their Facebook account has been cancelled. Their first response is to e-mail Facebook but typically they never hear back. My guess is that if I’m receiving 10 emails a day, Facebook is probably receiving a few thousand at a minimum. It’s a big problem for the company as all the people emailing me claim that they weren’t spamming.

Last week I wrote that Lindsay Lohan had her Facebook account blocked. After complaining on her MySpace blog, Facebook eventually re-enabled the account but said that Lohan had clearly violated the terms of service but would not elaborate as to what exactly occurred. I reached out to a number of people to see what their experiences and got a mixed bag of responses.

Amiee Vongmongkol‘s brother had his account disabled shortly after joining. “To make a long story short […] he had a lot of catching up to do with people from his 32 years of life.” As a result he was banned after adding too many friends. After sending Facebook an email, he had his account reinstated. Simon Lewis had his account disabled and then “sent facebook a ‘dont u know who i am’ email and they reactivated” his account.

While I’m sure Simon Lewis is an important person, I doubt that was the reason his account was given back to him. Sloane Berrent had her account cancelled after “posting too many items” to the marketplace in a short period of time. She also was able to get her account back. While most of the people that got in touch with me had their account turned back on, most people that email me on a daily basis never get it back.

Have you had your account shut down? Were you able to get it back? My guess is that a large number of people have their account automatically reinstated the first time around whereas the second time it’s a manual process.