f8 Arrives

Today I will be attending Facebook’s f8 event in San Francisco. Me and the SocialCash team will be providing video coverage, live podcasts and live blogging. There is a lot of speculation about what will be announced (as I mentioned yesterday). A lot of industry insiders that I spoke to last night don’t think that Facebook will be making any massive announcements today and will instead be discussing the benefits of the new redesign, announcing five winners of the first FB Fund and talking about Facebook Connect.

Others are hoping for big announcements that will help transform the businesses that they have spent the past year developing on the Facebook platform. A little over one year ago, Facebook announced the launch of the platform and now we have a mini-industry built around it. Just last night, Zynga gaming network announced that they had raised $29 million, led by Kleiner Perkins. Nobody knows what they’ll be doing with their massive war chest but they are now officially a serious force to be reckoned with.

As more funding pours into Facebook application companies, the industry awaits to see what is announced today. With all the anticipation, something big has to come out of this event. If you haven’t noticed, there is something else that has been attracting developer attention: the iPhone. While the iPhone doesn’t currently have the user base that Facebook has, the potential offered by mobile is something that no entrepreneur can ignore.

Whether or not big news comes out of f8 today, we will be providing up to the minute news about what is going on. If we don’t have it, chances are good that it simply isn’t happening! Stay tuned throughout the day for updates on what’s going on.

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