Expedia Updates iPad App to ‘Reimagine’ Travel Planning

expedia ipad 650Travel platform Expedia has revamped its app for tablets, giving users access to new tools that fulfill their wants and needs when shopping for flights and hotels on their tablet devices. Through internal user testing and ethnographic studies on tablets, Expedia found that travelers are frustrated with the design of typical travel websites, which force them to pick a hotel and flight separately. So, with this updated iPad experience, users can shop for hotels and flights on one screen, without the need for travel dates, by simply entering a destination.

Users can search for hotels and flights using a landmark name, airport code or city name, and new filter options are available for nailing down the specific requirements a consumer might have.

Elsewhere, Expedia found travelers often use their tablets to research travel destinations as an “entertainment activity” while relaxing at home. In response, the app now offers trip planning collections, which give users a look at themed travel destinations which should inspire their future trips and vacations. These collections feature information on locations users may not have thought about visiting before, and it’s a feature that will be updated with new content based on traveler feedback.expedia 650 2Finally, the app has been updated with Expedia’s Scratchpad technology, which was released earlier this year in limited markets. The Scratchpad allows users to keep track of their travel searches across devices, if they’re logged into their Expedia account. That is, users may begin a search for a destination on a tablet, and can continue on their desktop PC, right where they left off.

“If you forgot about the way we trained customers to shop for travel online over the last 15 years and you wanted to create an experience from the ground up with the traveler at the very center, you would build this tablet app,” says John Kim, chief product officer at Expedia Worldwide, in a company statement. “Our new tablet app embraces Expedia’s core strengths by bringing together our marquis hotel and flight capabilities to create one beautiful and easy-to-use combined search experience. We encourage people to give it a try and share their feedback.”

The Expedia app is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.