Expedia and WE Exchange Love Notes, Rickroll Via Post-Its

A cute story to kick start you back into the work week:

Waggener Edstrom’s Bellevue, WA office neighbors Expedia, which is also a client for some internal work. The folks at WE can see Expedia activity happening in their offices across the way and decided to try to wave them down. When that failed, they made a smiley face in the window out of Post-Its.

This triggered a back and forth that includes Expedia Rickroll’ing the WE team, the exchange of bit.ly URLs to clips about Post-it expressions of love (clip above), and the sharing of V-Day well wishes (including one from Old Spice hunk Isaiah Mustafa).

This Post-It-style semaphore shows the virtue of taking a moment to look out the window every now and again, WE says.

“It began with a simple experiment to find out if people would look up from their desks long enough to see a love note in a window next door and, at least for a few days, employees from two buildings and two companies were brought closer together,” reads the WE intranet retelling of the tale. Awwwww! And all of the Post-Its were reused after each message.

Thanks to the WE Bellevue team for sharing.