Exclusive: Interactive Image Comparisons Between Various Smartphones and DSLR Cameras

headerToday, we’re looking at photos taken by various smartphones and DSLR cameras in a 10 scene interactive comparison for your visual judgment. The shots were taken both using natural and indoor lighting as well as in wide and macro shots. Just use the tab next to Choose Photo Type to switch between photo scene types:

For our comparison, we chose the most recent top-line smartphones from the largest manufacturers. Included was the Apple iPhone 5s, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Sony Xperia Z. The DSLR we used for this test was a Canon 5D Mark II coupled with a Canon EF 24-70 lens.

via Ebay Deals


Personally, I think the best camera is the one that you will most likely carry with you at all times. My favorite app at the moment for photos is VSCOCam, but you should select a camera and/or app that helps you take more photos easier. When taking more complex photos, I prefer a DSLR and controlled lighting, but that’s not always necessary.  Overall, I think smartphones give great results for convenience and price.


Special thanks to eBay Deals for sharing their photo experiment.