Ex-Best Buy Employee Fights Back With New TweetFired YouTube Clip

One of the biggest stories in social media earlier this month was that of Brian Maupin, a Best Buy employee who faced threats of being fired because of videos he uploaded to YouTube. The most popular of Maupin’s videos, iPhone4 vs HTC Evo, portrayed a generic electronics store employee trying to convince a customer that wants the iPhone 4 that he should buy the HTC EVO 4G instead. Best Buy did not see the humor in the video and threatened to fire Maupin over it, even though there was no reference to Best Buy in the viral video or Maupin’s YouTube channel. Now Maupin is fighting back with a new YouTube clip, TweetFired.

In TweetFired, a pants salesman at fictitious “Stacks o’ Slacks” gets a stern talking to by his boss because of the tweets he posts on his Twitter account – Tweets which, by the way, have absolutely nothing to do with his job. For instance, one tweet that his boss is unhappy with says, “Got caught in traffic on the way to work, I hate traffic SO much!”

When Peter, the pants salesman, tell his boss that he doesn’t understand what the problem is with his tweets, his boss replies, “You are slandering Stacks o’ Slacks. You are painting a very negative picture of working here in 140 characters or less.” Peter says, “I don’t understand. I wasn’t on the clock. I didn’t even mention Stacks o’ Slacks.” This is clearly a jab at Best Buy, as it mirrors Maupin’s own situation. He created his YouTube videos on his own time, did not even mention Best Buy in them and yet he was still reprimanded at work and threatened with having his job taken away.

TechCrunch reported that, “According to Maupin, Best Buy first asked him to quit when they found his videos – he declined. Best Buy eventually offered him to reinstate him after reviewing his case – but he also declined that.” After all, who would want to continue working for a company that created such a stir over something as miniscule as a YouTube video that didn’t so much as mention the company’s name?

Kudos to Brian on this rebuttal video – not only does Best Buy get their comeuppance in the TweetFired clip, but it’s also hilarious. What do you think of the new video and Maupin’s dispute with Best Buy in general?