Every Genre Reaches This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

There’s an outstanding mix of games on this week’s list of fastest-growing emerging apps on Facebook this week, measured as those still under a million monthly active users. Below, you can find new sims, puzzle games, RPGs, strategy, sports and more.

Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Zoo Kingdom807,159+190,154+30.82
2.icon Sweet World612,437+105,361+20.78
3.icon Maya Pyramid306,735+99,285+47.86
4.icon 快樂島 主411,678+86,387+26.56
5.icon Bite Me401,259+77,425+23.91
6.icon Super Dance394,278+69,436+21.38
7.icon Epic Goal219,056+67,716+44.74
8.icon Age of Champions827,289+67,555+8.89
9.icon Band of Heroes408,695+64,956+18.90
10.icon NanoStar Siege708,767+63,510+9.84
11.icon Mahjong849,373+58,194+7.36
12.icon Goooaaal306,069+56,590+22.68
13.icon Lovely Farm395,072+54,585+16.03
14.icon Backyard Monsters274,985+54,267+24.59
15.icon Gangsta Zombies123,243+52,970+75.38
16.icon Motorcycle Madness232,740+52,897+29.41
17.icon Birdland464,810+51,813+12.55
18.icon 尋寶物 語191,099+48,341+33.86
19.icon Yakuza Lords147,423+48,029+48.32
20.icon SmallWorlds110,882+45,684+70.07

Zoo Kingdom, at the top of the list, is the latest animal-raising sim. We recently reviewed the game and found that although it fits the typical zoo game mold in some ways, it also stands out with a strong leveling system and actually teaches players about the animals they’re raising. Blue Fang Games is the developer.

We haven’t reviewed Sweet World, the second game down, but in concept it’s similar to Baking Life, a store management sim that was released a few weeks earlier and now has well over two million MAU. The art is significantly different, featuring a vacuously grinning baker who falls somewhere between cute and creepy.

Maya Pyramid, at number three, is a puzzle game — common in the casual realm, but still fairly rare on Facebook. The GameDuell title is simple enough; players repeatedly go through a card-matching game to reach a treasure room that gives them coins to build a pyramid with, one block at a time.

That covers the top three. Quickly going over a few more: 快樂島 主 is a Chinese-language island game, while Bite Me is a lighthearted vampire-based RPG. Super Dance is an older music-based game from Conduit Labs, going back to February. Finally, there are two up-and-coming games from our recent list of 2010’s top games: Epic Goal, a live-action soccer game, and NanoStar Siege, a slow-growing strategy title.