Evernote Peek Study Aid Gains Audio Clues

Last week Google announced they were shutting down Google Labs, which was a group within Google that created prototypes of apps that utilized Google products in unique ways. What is troubling to me about the announcement is that often that type of tinkering leads to innovation. The history of Post-It Notes comes to mind.

Evernote doesn’t have a “labs” area, but they do appear willing to tinker and case in point is Evernote Peek, which is an iPad app that utilizes the iPad 2 Smartcover and Evernote to create a flash card like study tool. You can watch a video that does a good job of showing what Peek does, but it basically reveals more information as you remove the Smartcover from the iPad, thus the first thing you see can be a question and the next is the answer.

If you use Evernote Peek, or you are now interested in checking it out, you should be happy to know that today Evernote released an update to the app that adds audio clues. Imagine that you are studying bird calls. With Peek running, you lift up the Smartcover and a bird call plays for you to identify, which you can then check to lift the cover further to see the name of the bird that makes the call.

To the best of my knowledge, Evernote Peek is the first app that actively uses the iPad 2 Smartcover. It definitely uses the cover and Evernote in a creative way. Evernote Peek is a free app in the iPad App Store.