Evergreen Studios launches Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet on iOS


Evergreen Studios has released Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet on iOS. The game is the official mobile game for David Weber’s Honor Harrington novels, and sees players thrown into the role of captain on a spaceship called the HMS Havoc. Players must manage and defend their ship from enemies in combat using a variety of defensive and offensive weapons and tools.

The Secret Fleet mobile game features a storyline set in the same time period as the Tales of Honor: Basilisk Station comic series. In it, players will learn about ‘legendary starship captain’ Honor Harrington, with the game being designed for both newcomers to the series and existing franchise fans.

“We strove to make Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet accessible not only on a fandom level but also on a gameplay level,” said Richard Browne, Evergreen EVP of Gaming & Interactive. “For that, we worked with Idol Minds to deliver a game that both veterans and new recruits of the Honorverse can enjoy regardless of knowledge of the novel series or game skill.”

Players can complete scripted main story missions as well as randomized encounters with enemies. These random encounters see players traveling through the game’s universe to collect resources for upgrading their ship. As players complete battles, they’ll receive bonus crew members, materials like metal and plasmas, and more, all rated by rarity.

During combat, players must actively manage their ship’s offenses and defenses, firing missiles, changing the ship’s orientation to better utilize shields, and put out fires within the ship’s interior, as examples. As new crew members are earned as loot, they can be upgraded alongside the ship’s overall systems.

Eventually, The Secret Fleet will be updated with a weekly live events series, which will include ‘difficult’ weekly missions rewarding super rare and legendary quality loot items.

Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet is available to download for free on iOS, and is coming soon to Google Play. You can follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.