Eventbrite Launches Facebook Connect Support

-Eventbrite Connect Image-Today Eventbrite, the popular event registration service, has announced support for Facebook Connect. The service lets you easily publish any event that you create on Eventbrite directly to your Facebook events. As soon as you create an event, Eventbrite promts you to see if you would like to allow them to publish your event from Facebook.

Once you enable them to publish the event, it will post it within Facebook as long as you have entered a title, location, and city for your event. Once you’ve entered that information you are immediately prompted to enter your information that will be posted to your new event. The service works well and I definitely would imagine that a lot of people will immediately begin using this.

There are a few downsides to the feature though. First of all, you can’t invite your friends directly from within Facebook. Inviting your friends is probably one of the most important features for Facebook events. Second, users cannot currently register for the event via Eventbrite. One slick feature is that when you post an event to your feed, there is a link which prompts your friends to register via eventbrite.

If users could then register for the event with Facebook Connect, events could immediately become viral. Unfortunately that isn’t supported yet and I’m not sure when or if Eventbrite plans to ever support that feature. If they did, Eventbrite could be in an interesting position to compete directly with Facebook Events. If you want to test out the new features, go create an event on Eventbrite.

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