Europe Gets Its Mobile Facebook

Jeremy Kirk over at Computer World is reporting today that Facebook has signed an agreement with Vodafone, a Europe based wireless provider, to launch Facebook mobile in the UK and Germany.

Facebook also plans to launch a similar mobile site in Greece, Italy, Ireland and Portugal. This is a huge step for Facebook as the mobile market in Europe is much larger than the market in the US.

I am not saying that Europe has more cell phones than the US but mobile Europeans use their phones much differently than Americans. The European model for mobile focuses more on total integration than simple call connection.

Currently the Facebook mobile site has no advertising and integrates MMS as the primary form of image and video loading. Unlike the US mobile site the European site focuses on letting users create and operate a Facebook profile sans a standard computer.

The idea is to lure more users to Facebook by removing the necessity of a computer to connect socially online. Creating a strong foothold in Europe will allow Facebook to assure its growth will continue as more and more people turn to mobile solutions for all their networking needs.

Would you be more apt to use Facebook more often if you didn’t need log into a computer and could use the entire site from your mobile? Do you use mobile Facebook now? What functions would you like to see on mobile Facebook?

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