Twitter Chatter During Euro 2012 – Who Won The 140-Character Cup? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The final match of Euro 2012 set a new Twitter record for sports, as people tweeted to celebrate Spain’s goals and lament Italy’s misses.

But how exactly did all of that Twitter chatter look?

Sunday’s match saw a record 15,358 tweets-per-second sent at its peak, and a total of about 16.5 million tweets during the event.

The Score took a close look at these tweets to see exactly who was tweeting and what they were tweeting about.

They looked not just at the final, but at the entire Euro 2012 cup from the group stage to quarterfinals, semifinals and finally the championship game. They only examined tweets that contained either “Euro 2012” or “#Euro2012”.

Spain versus Italy garnered the most tweets of any of the games with just about 1.25 million. The opening day on June 8th saw about 1.14 million tweets.

Tweets spiked on June 15th when Sweden played England and Ukraine played France, and again during the England-Italy match on the last day of quarterfinals, June 24th. They were, unsurprisingly, at their lowest on days without matches scheduled.

So which countries boast the biggest soccer fans on Twitter? Spain won here, too, sending 873,194 tweets throughout the cup. This was followed closely by England – soccer fans to the end – which sent 849,063 tweets, and Italy with 716,531 tweets. Counties that were eliminated earlier on in the tournament tweeted less often.

You can take a look at the infographic below to see which players got the most tweets, which specific tweets were retweeted the most and other interesting stats about Euro 2012 in 140 characters (click to enlarge):

(Euro 2012 cup image via Shutterstock)