eStarling Lets You Stream Facebook Photos to a Digital Photo Frame

We don’t normally feature consumers devices here at Rotorblog. But eStarling’s digital photo frame offers something relevant to us social networking fans and that is the ability to stream photos from our Facebook accounts to eStarling’s Wi-Fi enable digital photo frame.

If that sounds interesting to you, well it does to me too. For those who are not so much into consumer technology, digital photo frames are electronic display frames for digital photos. It works something like a PC connected to a monitor. But it’s functionality is limited to displaying digital photos only and you can’t use it like how you would use a normal PC.

Before, you can display your photos into this digital photo frames by connecting portable USB storage devices which the frame’s system reads and displays. But, with technology evolving so fast, it was just a matter of time that this digital photo frames evolved into a Wi-Fi enabled device. That means you don’t need to connect a portable device to it just to display your photos. You can get photos from the internet as well since it is Wi-Fi enabled.

But even more interesting is the fact that now, you can directly stream your photos from your Facebook account to your eStarling digital photo frames. Sounds fun eh?

To do this, you need to log in to your Facebook account at, which is eStarling’s photo frame managemetn site. Once connected, you can start streaming your Facebook photos into your digital photo frames adn you can connect your Facebook friends to your digital photo frame as well.

Now here’s the best part. When your friends update their Facebook photos, it is automatically updated in your eStarling photo frames. Sounds more fun right?

But of course those are just extra features of the eStarling photo frame. After all, it is still a consumer device fully packed with features and functionality. Some of these features include: E-mail Frame, Social Media Frame, Digital Greeting Card, RSS Frame, Group Frame, Timed Play.

eStarling’s digital photo frames retail for $199.