Epsilon Promises More Personal Email Ads

Brands time messaging to individual subscribers

Email marketers are about to be swimming in new ways to reach their subscribers. This week Facebook will begin letting brands target their email subscribers with ads on Facebook, and yesterday (Sept. 4) marketing technology platform Epsilon announced the ability for brands to email consumers based on what device they’re most likely to read and click a link contained in the message at a given moment in time.

As the svp of Epsilon’s strategic initiatives group Quinn Jalli explained, most people have consistent, device-specific email-checking habits. In the morning most check email on their smartphones or tablets. During the work day, most use their desktops to check emails—then it's back to mobile devices at the end of the day.

But marketers are typically limited in both device and time of day targeting. Epsilon says it can change that by borrowing targeting tactics from the display ad world.

On Tuesday Epsilon launched the Email Response Network, which Jalli said emphasizes clicks over opens. Among the email marketing suite’s features is the ability to personalize email delivery. Since the network houses email performance data for all Epsilon email marketing clients, the company is able to see how individual consumers respond, such as when they open emails, on what devices and whether they click through to a landing page.

For example, through the network Epsilon can see when an individual subscriber opened a brand’s email on their iPhone. Because consumers are more likely to act upon an email when it's opened on desktop, Epsilon is able to resend that email at a time when that consumer is more likely to check email from their desktop computer (and thus are more likely to respond). Conversely a marketer could make sure to send an email announcing their mobile app when a subscriber would more likely check it on his smartphone and therefore more likely to click through to download the app, said Jalli.

In addition, the Email Response Network also lets marketers build their email campaigns on the shoulders of each others’ data. More specifically, a brand is able to identify if some of its subscribers who aren’t opening emails are also ignoring emails from other clients who are participating in the cooperative—though Jalli said that Epsilon doesn’t share data among brands.

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