Tim Peterson

Google Upgrades Shopping, Maps Ahead of Holidays

Google is making its own list this holiday season—or, more specifically, it's letting users do so. On Tuesday, the company was set to announce the addition of Shortlists to Google Shopping.

Klout Perks Crosses 1 Million Claims, More Than 400 Campaigns

Nearly three years after Klout launched Klout Perks as its first paid product for brands—letting marketers like Chevy reward influential users with offers like a weekend-long test drive—more than one million Perks have been claimed across over 400 campaigns, the social inf

Capturing More User Info in a Less Creepy Way

Given today’s digital privacy minefield, publishers and advertisers must find ways to get information from their audiences without creeping them out.

Facebook Could Map Out Local Search, Ads With Waze Deal

Facebook is mapping out an acquisition of crowdsourced traffic navigation mobile app Waze, according to reports from three Israeli publi

Early Stats on How Facebook Exchange Ads Perform in News Feed

It was easy money to bet that matching up what is arguably Facebook's most valuable ad offering with its most valuable real estate would pay off.

Sharethrough Scales Up Its Native Ads

A fundamental challenge of native advertising is scalability. A Google search ad can’t run as a Forbes BrandVoice ad, nor can a Twitter Promoted Tweet be placed as a Tumblr Radar spot.

EBay Plans to Share Its Users’ Data With Brands

EBay will soon start letting brands build out audience segments using its wealth of shopping data so they can target ads to consumers on non-eBay sites, following a similar move by Amazon.

LinkedIn Pivoting From One-Off Marketing Deals to Content-Based Ads

When it comes to LinkedIn’s suite of revenue streams, Marketing Solutions (read: advertising) is the Theodore to Talent Solutions’ (job recruitment) Alvin.

Facebook Served 39 Percent More Ad Impressions in Q1

All that chatter from people decrying an increase in ads when they visit Facebook may not be exaggerations from an agitated few. Facebook CFO David Ebersman said during the company’s first-quarter earnings call on Wednesday that the social network served up 39 percent more ad impressions in the most recent period than Q1 2012.

Twitter Opens Ad Demand Floodgates With Self-Serve Expansion

Twitter extended its self-serve platform to all U.S.